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I am a musician living in Cape Town, South Africa and this blog is intended to document various musical projects I'm working on ... mostly after the fact, when I remember.

Unless otherwise stated the bass line (and quite often the mix) is my work.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Explosion in Am7

Dear Diary, this has been quite a hectic month so ....

Anyways, I met this nice chap Arjun on the SA Guitar Forum, he doesn't live too far away, we're both free during the day, so we had a jam.
This isn't a sketch as much as a snippet of the stuff we were doing.

Explosion in Am7
This is a wma file Am7 Dm7 at 95bpm
Arjun playing rhythm and lead guitars, myself bass, Reason3 (Dr Rex) drums.

Here's the forum's thread.

I'll let the tune talk for me, and just say we had some fun, he really liked the tone of the GT-Pro and I got off on his playing ability.

There will hopefully be another tune another time ... watch this space ...