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I am a musician living in Cape Town, South Africa and this blog is intended to document various musical projects I'm working on ... mostly after the fact, when I remember.

Unless otherwise stated the bass line (and quite often the mix) is my work.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Been a LONG time

Well it's been a long time since I updated this blog, kinda like a diary when you're busy you haven't the time to write it down.
So ... the desk is working fine and I'm recording The Barleycorn every Monday as well as playing there a couple of times.
My original band (we do some Hendrix/Muddy Waters etc. covers as well) SHA (Sherwood, Haylett, Angilley) is practising more regularly.

This is our video of Quirky

You can hear more SHA songs on reverbnation.com as well as some studio (Gello) stuff.

We jammed some at the guitarists birthday (Clive Haylett) here is a clip with his son Arlo playing accoustic.

I am also working in a cover / corporate band called July Crisis for which there is a Facebook video of our first gig but I've no idea how to embed it, no doubt more gigs and vids will follow.

I also have a couple of ideas for tunes which I will put up here as soon as I have time to lay them down.

That's about it for now, will try and keep this more up-to-date but no promises.